In-Home Veterinary Hospice & Euthanasia Care

Pricing and Payment Information

In-Home Veterinary Hospice and Palliative Care Consultation

When the time comes, our compassionate team will be honored $390 — Visit includes a physical examination of your pet and their environment, a review of current medications and modalities being utilized, an evaluation of your pet’s current health problems, an assessment of your pet's quality of life, and a custom treatment plan to help you care for your pet and monitor their condition


$290 (Price includes Gentle Journey’s Pet Memorial Pawprints, Fur Clipping and Pet Loss Booklet)

Private Cremation — Standard Choice Urns

For private cremation there are 4 standard choice urns.

Private Cremation up to 90lbs: $250 Private Cremation 90 pounds and up: $350

Cherry MDF Urn with Engraving

The Tree of Life Urn with Engraving

Scattering Pouch

Biodegradable Urn with Pine Sapling

Private Cremation — Special Order Urns

Cherry MDF and Dark Cherry MDF Engraved with Photo Slot Urn Please specify to us which shade of urn you wish. The crematory will contact you about: Private Cremation up to 90 pounds: $300 Private Cremation 91 - 200 pounds: $400 (this includes transport assistance)the sizing, direction, and placement of urn for engraving purposes.

Bamboo Engraved Urn Private Cremation up to 60 pounds: $300 Private Cremation between 61 and 90 pounds: $320 Private Cremation 91 - 200 pounds: $420 (includes transport assistance)

Communal Cremation

For families who do not wish to have their pet's ashes returned, nor wish to bury them at home. Pets will be respectfully cremated with other pets, and the ashes are scattered on the Pamlico River.

  • Communal Cremation up to 90 pounds: $150
  • Communal Cremation 91 - 200 pounds: $250 (includes transportation assistance)

Extended Service Area Driving Fee

$80-200 —There is generally a driving fee for other towns in the greater Triangle area and the farther reaches surrounding, up to the Virginia border, down to Harnett County, East to Burlington, and West to Spring Hope. Please refer to the service area map regarding driving fees (if any) for most areas.

Beyond The Extended Service Area:

Given enough notice we are able to travel to areas beyond the Triangle for an additional fee. These areas include:>

  • South to Moore and Cumberland County

  • Out toward Coastal North Carolina, depending on availability.

If you don’t see your area on the map, please still call us. If we are unable to help you, we want to help you find someone who can. We are very congenial with all the mobile doctors in the greater Triangle area, and we have a referral list that we all have access to! Please call for more information.

Evenings, Weekends, & Holidays

For evening (outside weekday business hours of 9 AM-5 PM), weekend, and holiday appointments, an additional $100-150 fee per situation will apply.

Additional Charges for Extenuating Circumstances:

Additional charges will apply for:

  • Aggressive pets without an effective pre-sedation plan
  • Pets over 35 to 90 lbs. when those pets require aftercare and we need assistance carrying but there is nobody at home available to assist
  • ALL pets over 90 lbs. requiring aftercare
  • Priority Mailing or Hand Delivery of Urns

Appointment Cancellation Fee

If you do not notify us by 10AM the day prior to your appointment you will incur a $100 cancellation fee, unless your pet has already been helped by another service provider, such as an emergency hospital overnight.

Payment Information

You can pay with check, cash, and credit cards. We do not accept Care Credit. If you prefer, we can take credit card information ahead of the appointment. Otherwise, we can address payment during our time with you. To make the experience as peaceful as possible, please make out a check to “Gentle Journey” ahead of time. You can also pay by cash or card at the appointment.

Most pet insurance companies cover Gentle Journey services. We are happy to help complete any paperwork needed to submit for reimbursement.